Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fashion week Warm up

So it's that time of year again. London Fashion Week is here.
I've been casting non stop, booked a couple shows and options, so just got to wait it out now. But while in the day time its all work, there has been plenty of play time in the evening.
A couple nights ago I went to Bart Bar to see my god friend Andy K and brother Nial play a lovely set, had a drink with some old mates, good to bump into some old faces. I should have made it to the EM party, but time got on.

Last night I went to the opening of the Pull & Bear store on Oxford street. The lovely Alexis Knox having styled the campaign was also on door duties, and was lovely to see her, in fact i got to spend a couple hours with her earlier that day. If you don't know Alexis work be sure to pick up a copy of Notion Mag to see the fashion editors contributions, to what has quickly become a fashion savvy savior of the music infused magazines.
There were some great little feature is the Pull & Bear party including a photo booth at the back, a great little spread, and drinks galore.
I left Pull & Bear to pop across the road to the Hill's party. Was supposed to meet a friend who was DJing, missed the gorgeous Jodie just, but had a good time anyways.
So here are the pics of the lovely goody bags I pick up on my way through.


Beauty Confessional said...

That was a great party .I did not see you there. I still have not figured out what the pull and bear mascot is?

Alex Prinz said...

I have no idea bout the mascot...wierd huh! He's sitting on my desktop looking at me! Shame didnt see you.