Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Blogs & Mags

Firstly I want to say thankyou to all those blogs that have featured my recent DNA cover. Had some great write ups. Special mention to Beautiful Mag, Hunk Du Jour, and of course Metrovelvet....these features if not out yet will all be out in the next few hours.

Also my fashion feature just came out in dapper magazine so head over there to check that out.

Lets of new stuff coming soon, cant wait to show you all.



Jill said...

Excellent article and, if I may say so, you're looking pretty fine in the pictures (as always) :)

A good point about the shape of male models. I don't understand the 'super skinny' look either - that's not what a man is. I like a guy to look male - strong enough to do some hard work. The "painting" shots for DNA are superb, something for a girl to hold. (If you'll excuse the expression)

Anyway, well done you!

Karl Slater said...

i love the way No one tells me when my vest is in a shot LOL..