Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gordon & Stoene Nu Rave Campaign

Im back again...been a busy boy. Shot these a while abck now.
The campaign just went to press.
The girl is called Nell, she is killer!

Gordon and Stoene are one of the most prolific and compelling image makers of their generation. Known for their uncanny ability to cut to the raw essence of whoever appears before their lens. Their vision is at once humorous, beautiful and always provocative. Their ventures span a wide variety of mediums.

BEAUTIFUL MAG: Zach Burns interview and editorial

I told you id been busy....
Yet again, thanks to the tallents of Mr Burns, i have a nice editorial in Beautiful magazine
Some of the pics are bellow.
Go check out the link, to see Zach full interview adn creative work.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Hey again,

So on my trip in NYC I was really really lucky to be well looked after by the team over at metrovelvet ( I worked on a number of projects with them, including editorials, campaigns, and I will also be hosting and presenting for their TV channel at New York Fashion week, only a month away now!

So you want to see what I got up too?

Well I hosted for them at Splash bar NYC
Hit up right now, for 2 exclsuive video's of me doing models confessions and a campaign for EFOR, there is also a interview featuring some of my latest work, as well as the cmapaign for NYC Metrovelvet TV fashion week!

2009 Back with a BANG from NYC


So im sorry its been so long since the last blog, but I have been busy busy busy, and as VB would say, its been "MAJOR". I've spent the last month out in NYC working. I've learnt so much about myself and others, had a blast doing it, and produced some outstanding work. Most of which I will share with you over the forthcoming months once it goes to press. But I have editorials, campaigns and some exclusive Polaroid’s to share v v soon! I also signed with B1 Models NYC ( So lets see what 2009 has instore for me.

I've also had a great few weeks since I’ve got back. Most of you will know I work very closely with Z Burns, and we've produced some amazing work over the last 6 months. Im pleased to say Zach as been recognised for his talents in MMensual Magazine, with an editorial feature titled dream a little dream. Im lucky enough to get 2 pages inside, so thanks to Zach and all those who put the effort in. Im confident Zach is going to have a great year, the only question is what we he conquer the world at first, in front or behind the lense? Yes he is that talented.

Seen below: