Monday, 20 October 2008

WWIT Dec 08 edition.

I'm back on the mag scene again.
The team up with WWIT editor Dennis Lye and photographer Z Burns.
Want to see more? You can download the magazine for free
Check out my good friend Zach Burns work at

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Burn's does it BIG

A couple of weeks back I worked on a shoot with the man the does it all, Z Burns. Zach & I are good mates, we’ve done lots of work together both side of the camera, and have also attended a fair few parties where Burns will try to get me completely ruined on drink being the lightweight I am. This is probably the reason why I just a few hours in the studio we were able to capture so many great images.
The captions featured on here got me Hunk of the day on HDJ ( it is in fact my second feature on the site following my reFRESH cover shot by Dean Stockings (

I’ve always said they key to being a great photographer is to get a model to work, and work hard, without even realising. This is something Zach is very very quickly able to do. A fine fashion photographer, able to capture and shoot high fashion, commercial and bodywork, and I might add Zach is defiantly a man going places both sides of the lenses. I must also take this time to thank the inspirational source of the whole shoot and top camera assistant Charlie.

This is only one set of prints that Zach and I created that day. I am fairly sure the others will be well received at the point of submission as well. So look out for post on the rest of the Z Burns / A Prinz collaborations soon.

You can view more or Zachs works @