Monday, 20 October 2008

WWIT Dec 08 edition.

I'm back on the mag scene again.
The team up with WWIT editor Dennis Lye and photographer Z Burns.
Want to see more? You can download the magazine for free
Check out my good friend Zach Burns work at

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Burn's does it BIG

A couple of weeks back I worked on a shoot with the man the does it all, Z Burns. Zach & I are good mates, we’ve done lots of work together both side of the camera, and have also attended a fair few parties where Burns will try to get me completely ruined on drink being the lightweight I am. This is probably the reason why I just a few hours in the studio we were able to capture so many great images.
The captions featured on here got me Hunk of the day on HDJ ( it is in fact my second feature on the site following my reFRESH cover shot by Dean Stockings (

I’ve always said they key to being a great photographer is to get a model to work, and work hard, without even realising. This is something Zach is very very quickly able to do. A fine fashion photographer, able to capture and shoot high fashion, commercial and bodywork, and I might add Zach is defiantly a man going places both sides of the lenses. I must also take this time to thank the inspirational source of the whole shoot and top camera assistant Charlie.

This is only one set of prints that Zach and I created that day. I am fairly sure the others will be well received at the point of submission as well. So look out for post on the rest of the Z Burns / A Prinz collaborations soon.

You can view more or Zachs works @

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The love & Pain of London Fashion Week

So the blog has been quiet for a while now. I’ve been really busy with work, but its all looking good, have loads of tears and features coming out (including a video and print with my good friend Jodie Harsh, a piece for POP magazine and 2 more covers) so I will keep you all posted.

On to the topic of the week…London Fashion Week.
If im honest I had a nightmare week. I was extremely ill for 24 hours which cost me 3 shows, 2 shoots and 1 really big casting…gutted! But I got back on my feet Thursday for a fashion show that myself and 2 business partners had been working on for a while. We put on the Messori ( fashion show at Studio Valbonne London. We also featured swimwear by Sea Sirens (
On top of doing the runway I had also agreed to raise some money for Lady Carols Sarcoids charity by auction, I was fortunate enough to have Miss England, Laura Coleman, with me to accompany Kele le Rock and my business partner Alan Enfield in the auction of swim wear, jewelry and some exclusive t-shirts by P.D.E which don’t get released for another month yet.
From a view point it looked liked it all went to plan, then models worked it on the runway, the place was packed, and the DJ’s kept everyone on there feet. WE had some very familiar faces down there and OK magazine and FTV were at hand to catch it all on camera.

But I do have a some massive thankyou’s to give out.
To the models. MUA and stylists. Thank you so much, I know it was a hard day, but you all made it so worth while.
To Selfridges, thank you so much for your last minute goody bag donations, you were so generous and without you I would have been in a really troubled place. I’ll return the favor I promise.

So following a mad night of working and partying till 4am I had to get up and out the door to Emma Bell’s show. I had a 3heart invite to the show as I am good friends with the head stylist Alexis Knox and hairstylist Charlie le Mindu. I also know the face of the collection Rosie very well….you can view all of their pages on my myspace (in my top friends). Truth be told they called me the night before cause they were a model short, they needed a tall blonde, so I used one of my models from the Messori show, and Olivia did me proud.
When I got to the holding area I was really pleased to see many of the youthful, vibrant and creative fashion crowd that are shaping the streets of London & Britain today. I finally got to meet mr Niyi Crown in person, after so much talk over emails. As always Niyi looked on point, and really ahead of the times as one would expect from such a fashion cat repping supersuper. I was also really happy that I bumped in to Scottie. I first met Scottee through Jodie Harsh, and since then we’ve worked on various projects together. Scottee really is a very creative and eye catching individual. His performance for the Emma Bell video was truly brilliant in typical childhood pop culture fashion, and was well recognised by the crowd.
I must say I always enjoy watching Emma Bell shows, because they are exactly that a SHOW. Too many designers simply miss this opportunity, and display clothes, Emma does anything but that, from the music to the choreography, every detail is thought out to elaborate and compliment her candy works.

There was one thing I was disappointed with, and that was myself! I had to rush out the show as I had a casting over in Camden that I was running late for, but at the show there was a young lady who I had seen on the tube the day before. Chemistry was obvious to us both, and im pretty sure we were both having a giggle about it while waiting for the show to start. Unfortunately she was in the standing are at the back of the room, and I had front row seats. Never to be seen again im sure. Message to self, never miss an opportunity!

The day didn’t stop there, after my casting I popped round to Jodie’s house for a catch up, cup of tea and peak of the first edit of the new circus video…can not wait for it to be released. In Jodie’s own words “its major”.
I got a cab from Jodie’s over to bond street where I met with Dennis and Z Burns for the feature shoot in the next edition of WWIT magazine.
The shoot went really well, and although we ran short of time to get the last outfit done, I’m positive the images will look outstanding so cant wait for them to be released in the next week. I’ve worked with Dennis a few times now, we work really well as a team, and the same can be said with Zach, who by the way was one of my models for the Messori show, and stood out no doubt. The talents of this man are endless, model, photographer, editor, contributor, athlete, and friend. We have some great synergy going together and I can safely say to all you fans of WWIT, its going to get big, better and bolder.

Blessing to all.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

reFRESH Magazine cover

So I promised id give you some sneak peaks into work I have coming up.
Im the reFRESH Magazine cover model for there Sept/Oct edition out on AUG 28th.
Credits go to Dean Stockings (photography) & Nina-Marie Braisby (MUA)

Arent the jeans awsome, for those of you who wanted to know, they are by Andy Wahol for Pepe Jeans London limited editon, only 25o pairs are available , they are out this go buy them before they all go!

So here it is....

you can also see it @:

Go buy a copy when its out...I know there is also a spread on me inside. And as if that wasnt enough, the images are so hot that im currently the Hunk of

Not a bad days work!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Urban Fashion Photographer of the year

So I've recently got some work back that I did with a great friend of mine Thekla Wharmby, Thekla is not only an amazing friend but also immensely talented individual behind a lens. I’m so glad that this has been recognised so quickly by her peers within the photography profession. As a result Thekla and her company have been awarded the “Urban Photographer of the year” award. Thekl’s work will now be showcased around the UK, starting of at the European Capital of Culture, Liverpool’s Tate Gallery.

So as a sneak peak for all of you, here are some of the editorial images that Thekla shot with me. Make up was done by the great Damien Wold at Wolf studio’s, and if any of you are wondering about the house, its based in the Cotswolds and featured in the top 5 of Britain’s Best House’s. Its an amazing little gem, and I will be using it for some future funky-house mashup’s for sure!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A BIG Month coming up

So it's the run up to fashion week now, and im mental busy with work.

I've been lucky enought o work with some great artists in the world of fashion, photography, art direction, models, make up aritists, and publications over the last few months.

I've got bare editorials about to come out, and all will be posted on here as soon as they hit the press.

But for now you can see me featured in a 4 page spread for Nico Didonna in reFresh Magazine.

For those of you who dont know, im currently the face of Nico's collection, with 2 look books & 2 london fashion weeks under my belt for Nico already, I also have this editorial and next month will be feautred in his show at London fashion Week not to mention the Campaign that comes out that same month.

As if that wasn't enough you can also see me on one of my favorite blogs; WereWorthItToo.
I had the pleasure of working with a some good friends of mine, who i've since worked with numerous times, so big shout out to Dennis Lye @ We're Worth It Too & Z Burns Z Burns Photography. Here are the images from the editorial for Trouser London.

Dont forgett all my work is featured on myspace/alexprinz
so hit me up on there.
Signing off.